POLAR 75 ice | flood | swiftwater


The Ultimate Rapid Deployment Craft

The Polar 75 is a multi-purpose rapid deployment craft that could be used for rescue on snow, swiftwater, ice, ocean, flood or many different other applications. The Polar 75 is a versatile craft that can be deployed easily and quickly anywhere, it is a military-grade solution for fast, reliable performance when lives are at stake.

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Length4,4 m
Width1,3 m
Tube Diameter36 cm
Weight32 kg
Payload1045 kg
FabricHypalon (40 oz)
Manufaturer’s warranty5 years
Fabric warranty5 years
Rapid deployment20 seconds
Safety3 independent air chambers
Easy1 single inflation point (patented)
Transport safety13 handles each side
Solid anchor points6 bow and stern + 4 on the tubes
Rescue « window » opening81 cm x 66 cm
Reliable100% Hypalon with underside reinforcements

Ultra-Fast patented inflation system

  • 1 single inflation point for 3 air chambers
  • quick connect with mechanical lock
  • Inflated in 20 seconds

Flat High Pressure floor (15psi) positioned high on the main tubes

  • Less drag in the current
  • Easier to paddle
  • Extra rigidity of the core preventing the craft from bending or twisting
  • More stable to walk on and monitor the vital signs of the victim

Made with military-grade Hypalon®

  • Withstand harsh temperatures, both extremely cold or hot
  • Resistant to abrasion and puncture
  • Resistant to UV and chemicals
  • Rigidity to carry a high payload (2300 lbs +)
  • Sturdy and Durable

75 degrees design

  • It really sits on the water preventing from capsizing
  • Stability even in waves and wind
  • Allow the rescuer to lay on the top end to grab the victim through the rescue window

Rigid handles strategically positioned

  • One handle on the top end of the rescue window and one each side for the rescuer to secure himself
  • Always keep their form even while frozen for an easy reach
  • Handles positioned to easily walk or run with the Polar 75

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