About us

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CHARGEK INC. is the result of the combined expertise of two Canadian companies:

Nautic & Art is an expert manufacturer of inflatable craft made of military-grade Hypalon™ with the proven skills to work with the robust features engineered into this fabric, propelling them at the position of leader in the North American industry in the production of Hypalon™ tubes for Rigid Hull Inflatable boat. The other is Titan Boats which is becoming known the world over for the durability, seaworthiness, stability and performance of his aluminum hull structures which are in use internationally for:

• Search and rescue

• Law enforcement

• Fire fighting

• Pursuit and boarding other vessels

• Recovery of persons both able and disabled from the water

• Transportation of injured or sick persons, and/or equipment

• Emergency towing of other vessels

• First aid platform

• Mobile marine command post and marshalling

• Combined helicopter/vessel air to water operations

• Scientific research including sounding, sample retrieval and data gathering

Here are few clients who authorized us to divulge this information: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Victoria Police, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, SVG Coast Guard, Department of Fisheries, Parks Canada, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Environmental Research Agencies, etc.

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Nautic & Art was founded in 2002, on the combined expertise of two brothers :  one is a renowned expert in Hypalon with than 20 years hands-on manufacturing experience and the other has served in the military for over 10 years and has accumulated invaluable skills as a Project Manager for an American branch of a construction company.

NAUTIC & ART IS A Canadian expert manufacturer of professional inflatable craft made of military-grade Hypalon™ with the proven skills to work with the robust features engineered into this fabric, propelling them at the position of leader in the North American industry in the production in series of Hypalon™  inflatable tubes and boats.

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Titan Boats is a Canadian expert manufacturer of Rigid Hull Inflatable boats with aluminium hull.

The line of Titan boats is the result of many years of dedication to developing one of the finest vessels of its type. The Titan boats has been steadily building a solid reputation for performance combined with a commitment to exceptional quality.

Titan boats, and its personnel, take great pride in their vessels, from the initial strength and integrity of the hull to the detailed finishing of each component.

Titan Boats is specialized in hull varying in sizes from 6 meters to 12 meters and can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications. Each vessel is custom built to meet or exceed the individual and specific requirements of the client.